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5 LinkedIn Power Extenders


LinkedInHere are 5 power extenders for your LinkedIn social media marketing strategy. They are:

  • Files
  • Google Presentation or Slideshare
  • Amazon's Reading Lists
  • Events
  • Questions

Background: Beyond Keywords And Content

In How To Become a LinkedIn Power User: Manage Keywords And Content I wrote about the extensive benefits of maximizing the Profile Section with keywords and content. This was based on Wayne Breitbarth's must-have book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success. Today's post takes us a notch higher, and again it's Wayne's insights that provide the ideas.

1. Files

Benefit: Showcase important PDF, Excel, or Word files for download. This is your own personalized library of relevant content, and can include photos, whitepapers, and brochures. Wayne notes that LinkedIn will notify you of any downloads so that you can track your leads.

2. Google Presentation or Slideshare

Benefit: Showcase slide presentations, taking advantage of the growing importance of video.

3. Amazon's Reading List

Benefit: Showcase your particular interests and enhance the opportunity of connecting with a potential customer's area of interest. As Wayne points out, posting an update or a new book to the Reading List results in a message sent to your entire network.

4. Events

Benefit: Publicize your events and track attendees, announce events you are attending (shows up in profile and updates), and search for events you may want to attend. Note that your events are keyword searchable (keywords, tags, suggested titles of attendees-by event organizer).

(NOTE: The four power extenders, above, are apps found in Toolbar>More>Get More Applications. The fifth extender, Answers, is found in Toolbar>More>Answers.)

5. Answers: Asking and Receiving

Benefit: Showcase your knowledge and enhance your reputation by answering questions, and find answers (asking thought provoking questions can be the highest level of thought leadership) via LinkedIn's targeting capabilities.

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn's value to your business and career goes well beyond adding names to your network. Use these 5 Power Extenders to create even more value.

WHAT ARE YOUR POWER TIPS FOR LINKEDIN? Share them in the content box, below.

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