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Build Equity Prior To Selling With Inbound Internet Marketing


A recent Wall Street article, mentioned on WCBS radio (880 AM), stated that small Internet Inbound Marketingbusinesses are expanding by buying other small businesses. For the selling business, increasing topline results can significantly raise the selling price. Inbound marketing provides such an opportunity.

Increasingly, traditional outbound or push marketing is being replaced with inbound pull marketing. The reasons behind this include:

1. Attract more visitors. Consumers and buyers are tired of being sold to. Increasingly, with the aid of the Internet, they avoid the push messages of traditional advertising and search for relevant information on their own terms. One of inbound marketing's  strengths is developing the information or content consumers and buyers want, at their particular point in their buying process. Consequently, inbound programs are capable of more efficiently attracting more visitors and converting more visitors into sales than more conventional outbound marketing programs.

2. More cost effective. Good content can be more cost effective than traditional media due to inbound's social nature. For example, a highly relevant article can achieve high social distribution without increasing its cost. Traditional media, however, is multiplied only by multiplying its cost. A company that is smart in developing content, therefore, can offset the cost of incremental media with brainpower. In effect, this can lower the overall cost of generating awareness and moving potential customers down the sales funnel.

3. Higher ROI. Inbound marketing lends itself to a high degree of analysis by virtue of its digital nature. Through testing, for example, significant improvements in the performance of the many elements of an inbound marketing program can be discovered and applied. This, in turn, can significantly improve the return on the marketing investment.

Inbound marketing programs do take time and require resources. While results can be achieved in three months, it is best to allow at least six months for inbound programs to demonstrate significant results.


Owners looking to sell their businesses may improve their selling price without increasing their marketing investment by changing from outbound to inbound marketing programs.


Mission: To help small and mid-size businesses acquire customers by re-thinking their business and marketing strategies.


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