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The DNA of Success: Survival and the Darwin Code


CrocMan Darwin CodeWhy do some executives succeed and others fail?

Is there a secret "success code"?

Perhaps there is. Astonishingly, it may originate in the part of the brain that has helped us survive for hundreds of millions of years, the old "reptilian" brain. Could the secret of success today be found in the brain we share with reptiles?

The Darwin Code

The Darwin Code is an idea drawn from success stories, the habits of successful executives, and the new principles of successful marketing.

The Survival Instinct

Our greatest instinct is survival and this instinct powerfully manifests itself today. Yet, we may not recognize it or even be consciously aware of it. Here are 3 survival actions:

1. To uncover threats quickly and fix them.
2. To save energy. It is important to note that this includes saving mental energy.
3. To find food; to aggressively pursue what sustains you, gives you energy. This last point is figurative and can include money, power and position.

The survival instinct is rooted in the part of the brain that developed over 400 million years ago. This old brain responds to certain stimuli, and is distinct from our middle (emotional) brain and the new (rational) brain.

Neuromarketing And Actions That Promote Success

In business, knowledge of the survival instinct is being leveraged via the art and science of neuromarketing to connect sellers with consumer buy buttons. SalesBrain is leading the charge. It has identified 6 principles that push the buy button. I've translated those principles into actions that promote success:

1. Self-centeredness: successful executives are self-centered, the ultimate survival focus.
2. Contrast: successful executives respond to contrast because contrast speeds decision making and reduces (mental) energy.
3. Tangible Input: successful executives respond favorably to tangible (versus complex or conceptual) input because tangible input helps them to quickly focus on the most relevant outcomes.
4. The Beginning and the End: successful executives are more efficient at interpreting the essence of communication by piecing together pieces of information, often what is presented at the beginning and end of communications. The brain does not focus on all input, but on what it deems critical, and then pieces together the rest of the story. This saves (mental) energy.
5. Visual Stimuli: successful executives respond favorably to visual stimuli because these stimuli are processed faster than words and concepts, and are more closely related to identifying threats and opportunities.
6. Emotion: successful executives use emotions as the glue that binds all the data they receive.

How Executives Focus on Information

Consistent with these principles is the following summary of the kind of information executives need and value. Note how focused these points are to saving time and energy:

1. Focus on outcomes
2. Provide a clear path to value for time invested
3. Use authentic and respected sources
4. Do not waste time on "salesy" pitches and lightweight stories

Recently posted in the online Harvard Business Review, Peter Bregman addresses the need for executive focus to, again, save critical energy for the most important actions. He says,

"Never before has it been so important to say 'No.' No, I'm not going to read that article. No, I'm not going to read that email. No, I'm not going to take that phone call. No, I'm not going to sit through that meeting."

Darwin Code Hypothesis

Successful executives (and successful individuals in general) are those who, consciously or not, have honed their survival instincts for the marketplace (or any endeavor). This is the Darwin Code: a superior strategic and tactical focus on survival actions.

How tantalizing it is to think that success may be as simple as honing our primordial survival instincts for today's marketplace.

Interested in how the Darwin Code can help your business succeed? Click the Darwin Code button, below.


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